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How to Use / Feedback

   The Point Practice Putter will be an effective training tool by providing feedback on any type of stroke path being employed by the practicer. Imperfect Putt We suggest using a scribed ball as it aids in providing clear visual evidence of a perfect or imperfect strike as shown in the feedback graphics.  The scribed ball is placed on the target line of a straight, flat surface which can be a carpet, putting mat or practice green.  The practicer can then rehearse the stroke without striking the ball.  When ready initiate the stroke attempting to strike the ball directly on the scribed line and complete the stroke.  The reaction of the ball will immediately feedback the effect of the strike as shown in the stroke feedback graphics.  The intended result is a perfect putt rolling with the scribed line and ball remaining directly on the target path.  If the ball spins and moves acutely off the target line, the ball has been miss-struck and the practicer gets immediate indication of remedial action to be employed on the next stroke.  If the ball merely wobbles slightly and remains close to the target line, the stroke has been near perfect and the movement caused by the small striking surface (1/8”) being slightly off-center at impact.

Perfect Putt   Our experience in trials indicates that within 15 minutes the majority of practicers are obtaining solid strikes with THE POINT.  Once the solid strikes begin to dominate, the player can switch to their regular putter.  The move from the smaller to the larger striking surface will inspire a tremendous confidence in the practicers ability to stroke putts solidly and directly down the target line resulting in more made putts, fewer three putts, and lower scores.

    We clearly understand that practice makes permanent, and suggest that the 15 minute practice routine be attempted every other day, and prior to every round played.

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Point Putter Overhead    The precise, focused practice routine repeated frequently to the point where it is mastered and continued to be over-learned is the foundation for the successful use of THE POINT.  Precise, focused practice can best be explained by an analogy to basketball and foul shooting.  If a player wants to become a great foul shooter, he can practice shooting into a “carnival” hoop which is roughly 4” less in diameter than a regulation hoop.  The intent is to require greater focus and precision.   When the player switches to the standard hoop, he becomes very confident as the target becomes much larger and easier to hit.

    The second principle is the spaced, repetitive practice which becomes an integral part of a players routine.  Putting slumps happen because players have had no effective feedback to warn of strokes going off-form.  There used to be a great advertising slogan for Holiday Inns which said, “the best surprise, is no surprise”; which is exactly what THE POINT provides.

Point Practice Putter

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