Lee Westwood Joins THE POINT GOLF

Lee Westwood Joins THE POINT GOLF

Lee WestwoodAfter introduction to THE POINT at the World Golf Championships at Firestone, and routine practice for about three months; Lee has improved in strokes gained putting from 152nd to 65th on the PGA Tour ... he is currently ranked 8th on the 2014-2015 season! This dramatic improvement has lead Lee to go "all in" on THE POINT, and become a full equity partner in THE POINT GOLF. We are thrilled to welcome Lee and play a small part in his pursuit of major championships. Lee's experience with THE POINT coupled with his international celebrity can only serve to lever our global marketing strategy.

THE POINT Practice Putter 2.0

Lee Westwood Joins THE POINT GOLF

THE POINT 2.0 provides an easy on and off adapter which offers a larger striking surface (3/8") allowing for "phased in" precision down to the 1/8" striking area of the original THE POINT PRACTICE PUTTER. The adapter enables more rapid positive feedback for juniors and higher handicappers without sacrificing the integrity of the 5/8" effective sweet-spot found in today's high MOI putters. In essence, less frustration while perfecting the delivery of a square and centered putter-face at impact.

For players who are having success using THE POINT on short and medium range putts, but are finding the longer "lag" putts challenging, the adapter provides a more forgiving striking area. Again, facilitating "phased in" precision to 1/8".

One of the key distinctions between THE POINT and practicing with a regular putter lies in THE POINT'S ability to deliver feedback on "imbedded errors" unable to be seen with the naked eye.  This ability to identify miss-hits has direct bearing on the integrity of drills, such as distance control exercises.

For all players the new adapter provides an avenue to take their practice from the putting green to the golf course. Although not approved for sanctioned play, THE POINT 2.0 can be used during practice rounds in order to experience regular course conditions while practicing.

Commemorative Offer

To celebrate the addition of Lee Westwood to our team and the release of THE POINT 2.0 PRACTICE PUTTER; we will be offering the new POINT 2.0 at a limited time price of $129.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax!

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